Armoire is a large cabinet, usually high, used for storage.

The word armoire is of French origin and means a place where weapons and armor are stored. In fact, historically armoires have been used to store weapons, armor and other military equipment.

Armoire Usage Areas Armoire Types
Bedroom Classic
Salon Modern
Kitchen Rustic

In the bedroom, it is used to store clothes as well as sheets, pillows, blankets and other bedroom items.

Traditional armoires often have wood-carved details and tumbled finishes, while modern armoires have a more minimalist and simple design.

What is a Wardrobe?

A cupboard is a piece of furniture used for storing things in interiors such as homes or offices. They are usually made of wood, metal or plastic materials and can come in different sizes and designs.

Cabinets are usually equipped with doors, shelves and drawers and can vary according to their intended use.

Bedroom Wardrobe Jewelry Cabinet
The bedroom closet is used for storing clothes and other personal items. The jewelry cabinet is designed for organized storage of jewelry and accessories.

Cabinets are used to keep order in rooms, store and protect items. They can also have a decorative purpose.

There are different types of cabinets according to different materials, designs and usage areas. Cabinets are an indispensable piece of furniture to provide order and ease of use in living spaces.

History and Development of Armoire

Armoire is a storage furniture used since the Middle Ages. Its history, origins and development have a very interesting background. The armoire was originally a type of furniture that only the nobility owned, used to store their valuables. Over time, it came in different designs for different purposes and became a storage solution found in many homes today.

This type of furniture has undergone many changes and developments from past to present. The history and development of the armoire is a rich subject. There have been many differences over time in terms of furniture design and intended use.

When the history and development of armoire is examined, it is seen that it emerged in medieval Europe and then developed under the influence of different cultures. This furniture, whose original purpose was to store valuables, was later used for clothes, textiles or other household items.

Armoires have been designed using different materials over time. The use of materials such as wood, metal and plastic has influenced the design and use of the furniture. These differences have had a significant impact on the history and development of the armoire.

Armoire and Wardrobe

An armoire is a piece of furniture, usually consisting of cabinets and shelves, usually used for storing clothes. Armoire is a term of specifically European origin, essentially meaning a wardrobe. There are differences in the use, design and history of a classic wardrobe and an armoire.

A wardrobe, or classic wardrobe, is usually rectangular and fixed to the wall of the room in which it is placed. Armoires, on the other hand, are usually portable and usually contain a combination of cabinets, shelves and drawers. They usually have doors decorated with chandeliers and often have a decorative appearance.

Armoire Wardrobe
It is usually portable. It is fixed to the wall.
Decorative doors and chandeliers. Simple, flat lids.

Wardrobe and armoire are both used for storing clothes and textiles. However, the main differences between them stem from their history, design and intended use. Armoires are specially designed for almost every type of room, while wardrobes are usually found in standard rooms.

Understanding the differences between armoires and wardrobes is important to make the right decisions when choosing furniture and home decoration. Both types of furniture have their own advantages and uses and can have different effects on the overall atmosphere of the room.

Differences in Use

Although the terms armoire and cabinet are often used interchangeably, they actually have different uses and purposes. The armoire is usually used to store clothes and textiles, while the cabinet is used for general purposes to store all kinds of items in the home. Therefore, the difference in use is the most obvious feature between the two types of furniture.

Armoires usually have a large internal volume and are equipped with drawers, hangers and shelves. For this reason, they are often used in bedrooms or dressing rooms.

Differences in Design

An armoire is a large cabinet used to store items inside. For those who wonder what an armoire is, we can say that it is a storage furniture that is generally used to store clothes, jewelry, home textiles and other items. However, armoire has different design features.

Armoire’s different design features may vary especially according to the area of use. For example, a bedroom armoire is usually designed to store clothes, while a kitchen armoire is usually designed to store plates, glasses and utensils. These different design features vary according to the area of use of the armoire.

Design Type Area of Use
Bedroom Wardrobe Storing Clothes
Jewelry Cabinet Storing Jewelry
Kitchen Cabinet Storing Kitchen Utensils

These different design features have advantages for users. For example, an armoire designed for the bedroom can often have special compartments for storing clothes, allowing them to be stored in an organized way. Likewise, a kitchen armoire can have different compartments, shelves and drawers to store kitchen utensils in an organized way.

What is an armoire used for?

An armoire is a large closet, usually used for storing clothes and other items. The armoire is usually part of the decoration of the room, but it is also used to fulfill storage needs.

The armoire is usually found in the bedroom or hallway, but can also be used in living rooms. The armoire can include various shelves, drawers and hanging rods, thus offering a wide variety of options for storing different types of items.

Craft Armoire

Craft Armoire is becoming popular as the interest and demand for traditional crafts increases. Craft Armoire is a handmade and custom designed storage unit and is often used in home decoration. These types of armoires are often produced using traditional craft techniques such as woodworking and carving.

Often handcrafted, craft armoires have an aesthetically unique appearance and often have distinguishing features from other furniture. It is also common for such armoires to be decorated, often with special decorative techniques such as painting, carving or wood burning.

Craft Armoire Explanation
Material Usually wood, sometimes metal
Production Techniques Carving, painting, wood burning
Dimensions Mostly medium or large sizes
Area of Use Home decoration, storage, visual purposes

Craft Armoire has an artistic value as well as a functional role in home decoration. Each carefully designed and crafted craft armoire will add unique charm to any room in the house.

Because they are often handmade, craft armoires can be customized according to personal demands and preferences and designed to fit customers’ wishes.

Bedroom Cabinet

Bedroom closet is one of the pieces of furniture used for storage of clothes, shoes and other personal items in the bedroom. It is generally an important part of bedroom decoration and helps the bedroom gain a tidy and aesthetic appearance.

Bedroom wardrobes can be found in different designs and sizes. Some include just hangers and shelves, while others have roomy drawers and shelves. Also, some bedroom closets come with mirrored doors, while others just come with plain doors. The design and size of the cabinet can often vary depending on its intended use.

Type Features
wardrobe It offers ample storage space with hangers and shelves. They usually have mirrored doors.
Commode It usually comes with drawers and flush doors. Provides extra storage space in the bedroom.
Dress Cabinet It is generally known for its long and narrow structure. Ideal for clothes with hangers and shelves.

Bedroom closets help keep clothes organized and accessible in the bedroom. Moreover, it can be found in different styles and designs to suit the overall decoration of the room. In this way, both storage and an aesthetic appearance can be achieved in the bedroom.

Bedroom closets have a rich history among bedroom furniture. Although they are traditionally made of wood, different materials can be preferred in modern designs.

Jewelry cabinet

A jewelry cabinet is a piece of furniture that is generally used to store jewelry in an orderly manner. These cabinets are usually small in size and may contain different compartments to store various jewelry. A jewelry cabinet is an indispensable piece for jewelry collectors or people who often wear jewelry. These cabinets are intended to organize and protect jewelry, usually with specially designed compartments, drawers and hangers.

Jewelry cabinets are usually made of wood, metal or plastic materials and can have a decorative appearance. Classic models often come with mirror covers, while modern-style ones may have a more minimalist and flat appearance. These cabinets are often designed with locking to keep the jewelry safe from dust and away from thieves.

Materiel Design Area of Use
Wood Classical In the House
Metal Modern jewelry stores

Jewelry cabinets are often used inside personal spaces such as bedrooms or bathrooms. These cabinets are an ideal option for keeping jewelry organized and easily accessible. Additionally, jewelry cabinets can often be used as a decorative item, adding an elegant look to your room. If you want to keep your jewelry safe and organized, you may want to get a jewelry cabinet.

When buying a jewelry cabinet, it is important to consider factors such as material quality, design and usage area. You can also choose a cabinet with different sizes and compartments depending on the amount and type of your jewelry. When choosing a cabinet, you can make the right choice by taking your personal taste and needs into consideration. A jewelry cabinet is an important piece of furniture to keep your jewelry organized and protected.

Kitchen cupboard

Kitchen cabinet is an indispensable part of a kitchen. It is often used in the kitchen to store food and drinks. Cabinets usually contain plates, glasses, pots and pans. Additionally, some kitchen cabinets have shelves specially designed to store dry foods such as grains and legumes.

Kitchen cabinets are also used to maintain kitchen order. They help create more space in the kitchen by storing kitchen utensils in an orderly manner. In this way, it is possible to move more easily while cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Usage Areas

– Storing food and drinks
– Maintaining order
– Storing kitchen utensils
– Space saving

Kitchen cabinets are generally made of wood, metal or plastic materials. They can be designed in different shapes and colors according to personal preferences. In addition, kitchen cabinets selected in accordance with the kitchen decoration can create an aesthetic appearance in the kitchen.

There are some factors to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets. It is important to choose a kitchen cabinet that is sized appropriately for the kitchen space and designed according to storage needs. Additionally, durable and long-lasting cabinets made of easy-to-clean materials should be preferred.

Living Room Cabinet

Living room cabinet is one of the indispensable pieces of living room furniture. These types of cabinets often contain TV units, bookcases and storage areas. Living room cabinets combine functionality and aesthetics in home decoration.

Living room cabinets are the perfect solution for organizing living space and storing items. They can be used to display TV units, books and decorative items. Additionally, they provide a tidy appearance thanks to their lidded compartments.

Features of Living Room Cabinet Amaçları
Living room cabinets are usually made of wood, metal or glass. Storing items, displaying TV units and decorative items.

Living room cabinet plays an important role in living room decoration. When chosen correctly, it can offer both a functional and stylish appearance. Therefore, it is an ideal furniture choice for homeowners.


Today, armoires are large cabinets that are used for different purposes in different rooms and usually have doors.

This piece of furniture can be used in various places such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen or entrance hall and is often used to store clothes, jewelry, paperwork or other items.

Today, it continues to be produced in different styles and materials according to changing needs and tastes.

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